Company Details - Epos Now

To set up your Company Details in Epos Now, head to your Back Office. 

From there select SETUP > Company > Company Details

From here you will be able to input all of your Company Details 

  • Company Name  
  • Tax Number ABN
  • Currency 
  • Loyalty Settings 

Once you have inputted the correct information under Company Details scroll to the bottom and select SAVE

Under these settings in Company you can also change the following 

  • Receipts and settings 
  • Discount Reasons (For when a discount is rung up on the Till)
  • Refund Reasons (Add reasons for why a customer may require a Refund)
  • No Sale Reasons
  • Stock Movement Reasons 
  • Courses (for restaurants ex Starters, Mains)
  • Clocking Types 
  • Customer Types 
  • Service Stages (For use with table map so you can easily identify the status of a table ex ordered, ready for bill)