Adding Products

Add the Products

1. In the Back Office. Go to the MANAGE Tab

2. Select Products and then Product List

3. Choose 'ADD PRODUCT' at the top right hand side of the screen

4. Enter the details of the Product

  • • Product Name (appears on till)
  • • Description (appears on receipt)
  • • Cost Price (ex Tax) if known
  • • Sale Price
  • • Tax Rate (whether the product is GST exclusive or inclusive etc)
  • • Variable Price (Check this option if you would like to adjust the sales price for this item from the till)
  • • Takeaway Tax Rate (if applicable)
  • • Takeaway Sales Price (Total price inc Tax of takeaway item if different)
  • • Barcode (Enter the Barcode for this product so it can be scanned through the till, or create a system generated one)
  • • Select Category. This is where this item will appear on the till front
  • • Button Colour - Choose the colour you want your product to appear on the till.

5. Once all the details have been added correctly hit 'ADD' or 'ADD ANOTHER' if you want to continue

adding products.