Creating a Promotion

To create a promotion within Epos Now while in the Back Office

1. Select the MANAGE tab

2. Under Products select Promotions

3. Choose ADD PROMOTION in the top right hand side of the page

4. Enter the details for your promotion

  • • Name of your Promotion, this appears on Customer receipts
  • • Description: This will appear on your reports
  • • Duration: Select when you would like this promotion to run. Either no time, between these dates or between
  • these times
  • • Meal Deal: Check this box if you want to run this promotion as part of a meal deal ie Drink, Meal and dessert
  • • Promotion Type:

  • • Required Quantity and Amount: Enter what the deal will be ie buy 2 products save 20% etc
  • • Other Offers: Check this box if this promotion is NOT to be used in conjunction with any other offer
  • • Enable: If you hit enable it will make the promotion go live straight away
  • • Days Enabled: Select the days of the week you want the promotion to be live on
  • • Customer Type: Select a customer type if you would like only certain customers to qualify.
  • • Categories: Select the Categories you want the promotion to apply to. then hit ADD
  • • OR Select individual products you want to be in the promotion.

5. Once done click ADD to save the Promotion