Adding Staff to your Epos Now System

To add a new Staff Member Head to the Back Office

1. Select the MANAGE Tab

2. From here choose Staff and then Staff again

3. Click the ADD STAFF button located at the Top right of the page

5. Add in the Staff Member details including

  • Name: The Name is the line that will appear on the login Screen, so if you have a few staff members with the same first name you can add their last name or last initial to help distinguish.
  • Main Location; Applies if you have the system at multiple locations, you can define which staff is at which store. Or select Show Staff at all Locations so they can log in at every store.
  • Role: Here you select which user role permission you would like to the staff member to be. You can create custom user permissions, so particular staff have access to certain things.
  • Password: This is the code you will assign the user to clerk on manually on till screen.
  • Swipe Login: Works with compatible MCR readers.
  • Hourly rate: Here you can enter the average hourly rate that that particular staff member is paid. This can be used as a general guide for Staff costings. Because Australia has numerous different hourly pay levels depending on award, this can only be used as a guide and not a definitive pay amount.

6. With all the details entered hit ADD to save the new staff member or hit ADD ANOTHER to save that

one and add more staff.