How to access Guide me

What is Guide Me?

Your Epos Now system has a built in Step by Step Guide Me system designed to take the ease out of doing

anything in the system. There is two different Guide Me systems, one for back office and one for the till. To

access the Guide Me system follow the below steps.

*Note: Guide Me isn't available on all iOS Devices.

Step 1: Click the Menu "Hamburger"

Step 2 Select Guide Me

With Guide me you have 3 options:

1. You can search for a specific guide if you can’t find it, e.g. How to do a refund or How to Add a product

2. You can click on a category and choose one of our default guides, these range from processing sales and

adding items to processing stock control and linking master products

3. You can click Contact Support and this will give you our support number, from here you can use that

number to call our office and talk to one of our support technicians or if you do not get through please leave a

voicemail so we can get onto your call as soon as possible