Opening Till

Enter your Float

Entering your stores daily float is incredibly important. With Epos Now you open the till by registering your float amount so that when an End of Day is performed you can accurately close your till and have limited discrepancies.

The first thing to do when opening your till and entering your float is to sign into your till screen as a manager.

Once you are on the 'Open Till' Screen, enter in your opening balance using the number pad as highlighted below.

Note: If you are not seeing the above screen it means your till is already open. You can make an adjustment to your float by following the next step in this guide, or use the 'Closing your Till' page to go through the steps on closing the current shift so you can start again.

Adjusting your Float

To adjust the float on your till tap the menu button in the top left of your screen and open the 'Admin' options, then tap 'Adjust Float' to make changes to your float at any time throughout the shift, as illustrated below.

Use the number pad on the 'Adjust Float' screen to input the amount you would like adjust your float by.

Confirm the adjustment by tapping 'Deposit' to add an amount to the float or 'Withdraw to reduce the float.

Note: Your Cash Draw should open and you will be issued with a printed receipt as shown below once you have selected to deposit or withdraw. We recommend storing this in your cash drawer until you are ready to cash up.

The 'Petty Cash' function works in the same way as adjusting your float, with the minor addition of requiring a reason for the action to be recorded as the images illustrate below. Both of these functions can be found in the 'Admin' menu, as well as the 'Action bar' shown below.