Create a Purchase Order

To create a Purchase Order go to the Back Office

1. Select the MANAGE tab

2. Choose Stock Control then select Purchase Orders

3. On the next screen select ADD PURCHASE ORDER at the top Left of the screen

4. Select the Expected Delivery Date from the calendar

5. Select the Delivery Location (if applicable)

6. Select the Staff member who has placed the order

7. Locate the supplier. Search by Name, email address or contact number

8. Once you have the supplier, click SHOW PRODUCTS

9. Epos Now will display by default all products that are tracked, tick 'Show all non-stock tracked products' if you would like to see all products from this supplier.

10. Use the Table to enter or select the number of units you would like to order for each item from this supplier.

11. When you are ready Click GENERATE ORDER

12. Now your Purchase order has been created. You will be given a reference number for the order and if you scroll to the bottom you can export the file out of Epos Now as either a CSV, Word Doc, Excel Spreadsheet or just email straight to the supplier for processing.