Your EposNow system allows you to create customer accounts and have a customer purchase a credit balance for that account, this feature can be used for Gift Vouchers by following the below steps

Step 1: 

Access the customer listing by clicking the customers button as per below

Step 2: 

Add a new customer or select an existing customer by following the highlighted fields below

Step 3:

You'll now see your customer is selected on the till screen, this now allows you to click the customer credit button as per below

Step 4:

Add the value of the gift voucher and press the add button to add this to the sale

Step 5:

You'll see the customer credit total now shows on the item listing, you then need to press the Pay button and pay off the voucher

Step 6:

Once this has been paid for a Credit note will print out for the customer with their voucher balance

Step 7:

To redeem a voucher you need to select a customer while doing a sale. You'll notice that when paying off a transaction you can now see the credit button, this allows you to tender off the sale with the balance of the voucher

Step 8:

A new Credit Note will print out for the customer with their remaining balance