Our IOS Application has 4 inbuilt printers so you do not have to worry about loading those pesky printer drivers like you do with windows. The below will step you through adding a printer and also editing that printer later on

1. First off we want to click into the hamburger menu on your till. If your wondering what the heck is the hamburger menu, check it out below!

2. Next we want to click into the settings option and then choose App Settings

3. Awesome we are now in the print settings.  In here you can add a new printer by pressing the Add a Printer button as per below

4. You then need to select your printer model/print format as per below

5. Next Input the IP Address of the printer by clicking into the field and inputting the address that prints out from your printer

6. Once you’ve clicked next you’ll be taken into the final area of the printer setup. On this page you can see all the settings on the right hand side as highlighted below, these settings allow you to change receipts, order locations, print copies, font size and beeping

7. Once you click done this will finish off the printer setup and take you back to the app settings page where you can see our new printer is now listed. If we click on the printer it will take you into the printer settings so you can edit the options we just setup such as receipts, order locations, print copies, font size and beeping or you can click done in the top left to go back to the Till